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As a young woman, I found myself fascinated with hands-on art and craft. In college, I developed my interest in fine craft and began working with precious metal.

I studied under Tim McCreight at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. I apprenticed Holly Lee, a Pennsylvania jewelry designer, for a few years and then became her assistant. I attended Stewart's International School of Jewelry, in Florida, to increase my training.

I am a full-time jewelry designer, showing my work in galleries and at fine craft shows along the east coast.

With the help of my husband, I built a work space on our farm in Pennsylvania. My home studio is filled with vibrant energy and color. The inspiring photos, postcards, posters and various works of art on display in my studio make it my own magical space in which to create art.

My efforts with metal are to beautify the body and balance form with energy. As an artist, I challenge myself to create forms that encourage a soulful reaction from the wearer of the jewelry.

When adorned with a JAW piece of jewelry, women lift their heads and roll back their shoulders, finding a welcomed sense of empowerment. The glow on a woman's face when she wears the right piece of jewelry captures every eye. I strive for this glow.

My greatest undertaking as a jewelry artist is to balance a sense of flow and movement with the stagnancy of metal. I find my inspiration in the movement of the ocean complimented by the solidity of forms found in nature.

Many of my designs blossom and transform as I work with raw metal in my studio. I work with sterling silver and yellow gold, incorporating rare coral, unusual pearls and precious gems.

Combining a hand-fabricated metal clasp with interesting elements, such as coral or pearls, allows the clasp to reflect the strands, so the entire piece is one flowing work of art.

My process is circular, like much of my jewelry. I am a one-woman show, doing my own work from start to finish.

My artistic process begins with inspiration followed by engineering the idea into a wearable piece. I proceed with the creation of the piece, then sell the work at craft shows or in galleries. I then wrap up the business end of my jewelry and begin again.

My style consists of fluid jewelry, designed to empower women. Simple yet strong, my designs radiate a glow of confidence.

I have many designs, ranging from elegant pieces to everyday jewelry. I am constantly creating new and different work with plenty of variety, so each individual can merge with a piece of jewelry which makes them feel alive and beautiful. Everyone deserves something special!

- Julie A White